Neve  Tzedek

Neve Tzedek was established in 1887. A walking tour there is indispensable for romantic people, history fans, and amateurs of short, meandering bystreets. Because of its architectural novelty the neighborhood was even called Little Paris.
Splendidly restored, Neve Tzedek’s buildings and streets retained romantic spirit of the early Jewish urban settlement. And Suzanne Dellal Centre, an extremely popular theatrical and dancing facility, is their finest.

The "Matkot" Museum

Amnon Nissim, also known as Amnon Matkot, is a famous matkot player across Israeli beaches. Nissim is also widely known for housing the single and most impressive matkot collection. His house in Neve Tzedekhas become the Matkot Hall of Fame, with over 300 matkot which Nissim either collected used and broke, or was given as gifts from admiring visitors.


Suzanna Resturant

In the heart of Neve Tzedek, and right in front of the Suzane Dellal cultural center, a beautiful restaurant located under the shades of old Eucalyptus trees.offering a variety of warm and cold appetizers, famous Kibbeh soups, stuffed vegetables  grilled dishes and coffee and desserts.

Esspresso Bar

The mythological branch of  Espresso Bar opened in 1998 at the once historic and now frenzied corner: Rothschild blv. and Herzel st. With high ceilings, big windows that look out on the boulevard,. The cafe offers sandwiches, excellent Italian espresso and other treats

Suzane Dalal Center

In 1908, Jaffa's Jewish community founded here its "Education District". In 1989 the buildings were renovated and converted into an artistic and cultural complex in memory of Susanne Dellal, now housing the Bat Sheva Dance Company, the Neve Tzedk Theatre and the Inbal Dance Company. 

Shlush House

Aharon Slush was the chief land-owner in the Neve Tzedek and one of the first settlers there to build his house in 1883. Shlush house began as a two-roomed house, but was enlarged and it became a splendid two-storied house of stone, with an inner courtyard and a synagogue, extensive garden and a high wall that surrounded the entire estate.

Lulu - Bistro Bar

Lulu Kitchen & Barcombines rich breakfasts and pastries baked instead of side dishes for lunch and dinner neat , lively bar and fine alcohol professional quality music . The restaurant offers a varied menu changes according to season and based on fresh raw materials and fine like meat , seafood and fish.

Shabazi st, Neve Tzedek

In the 1880’s when the Ottoman Turks ruled Israel, Jaffa was getting overcrowded and polluted.  Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood built on the empty sand dunes outside of Jaffa. Neve Tzedek became an artist’s enclave. Many of Israel’s first poets, artists and journalists lived here, such as Nobel Prize winner and author S. Y. Agnon and artist Nachum Gutman


HaTachana, the Hebrew name for the old Jaffa railway station has recently been transformed into one of Tel Aviv’s smartest public spaces. Located between the Tel Aviv Beach and Neve Tzedek, - offering a variety of activities for the whole family.

The Place of Meet Resturant

The Place for Meat (“Makom Shel Basar”) is located on Shabazi Street, at the eastern entrance to the pretty neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. An authentic meat restaurant serving hearty steaks meals and meats. and in evening hours delicious smells evaporate to the streets